Sofia PUG Meeting #5 : Making sense of Storage modes and Connection types , Майкрософт България, сряда, 16. януари 2019

If you've been around PowerBI you should already know what Import, Direct Query and Live Query are. Probably you've looked for the differences, you've read for something called Query Folding and if you've been following the news - you should have heard about composite models and the Dual storage mode and its partner in crime - the Aggregation table. But how to make sense of all of those? How to choose between them? When one is better than the other? Well, I am trying to find that out myself, and I have some facts to share with you. In the session we will compare Import with DQ and LQ, I'll show you the usage of Aggregations, we will talk about Dual mode and most importantly, I will share some real-life scenarios to wrap things up in this first session for will be Ivan Donev, Data Platform Solution Architect | Trainer at Inspirit

Sofia PUG Meeting #5 : Making sense of Storage modes and Connection types

HackerX - Sofia (Full-Stack) - 9/25 (Employer Ticket)

HackerX - Sofia (Full-Stack) - 9/25 (Employer Ticket)

вторник 24. септември 2019
AffiliateCon: Sofia 2019

AffiliateCon: Sofia 2019

сряда 15. май 2019
JIARE Joint Bulgarian Medical Conference ONE 2019
понеделник 26. август 2019
Certified Scrum Product Owner Training
четвъртък 09. май 2019
One-to-One MBA Event in Sofia
събота 11. май 2019
Global AI Night Bulgaria 2019
вторник 02. април 2019
Sofia Knowledge City Marketplace Conference
сряда 17. април 2019
SOFAIR - European Air Quality Conference
петък 12. април 2019
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