Scalable and secure infrastructure with LUKS/ZFS and LXD, Documaster Bulgaria, четвъртък, 07. февруари 2019

Every product company needs to define its technology stack sooner or later. Software is one side of the coin, yet it is as important as the other one - infrastructure.
If you are interested in how scaling startups like ours tackle the challenges of building a state-of-the-art private cloud, you are welcome to join us for a short presentation about LUKS encryption, the ZFS file system, and LXD containers.
After the presentation, we will be able to get a beer or two and discuss other topics of interest.

Scalable and secure infrastructure with LUKS/ZFS and LXD

Beer.js Summit 2019

Beer.js Summit 2019

четвъртък 01. август 2019
HackerX - Sofia (Full-Stack) - 9/25 (Employer Ticket)

HackerX - Sofia (Full-Stack) - 9/25 (Employer Ticket)

вторник 24. септември 2019
AffiliateCon: Sofia 2019
сряда 15. май 2019
JIARE Joint Bulgarian Medical Conference ONE 2019
понеделник 26. август 2019
Certified Scrum Product Owner Training
четвъртък 09. май 2019
One-to-One MBA Event in Sofia
събота 11. май 2019
Global AI Night Bulgaria 2019
вторник 02. април 2019
Sofia Knowledge City Marketplace Conference
сряда 17. април 2019
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