ISTQB® Foundation Exam and Training Course - Sofia, Sofia, сряда, 23. октомври 2019

The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to pass an exam certifying you as an ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level. Most organisations require this certification as a minimum skill requirement for software testers. In this course you will learn a standardized approach to software testing that will be immediately applicable to your projects. In order to get the certification you will be required to pass a 60-minute exam. Our trainers will fully prepare you by employing scenarios that mirror the exam questions, and by focusing course delivery with a balance of theory and practice.
Target group: Functional Tester, Agile Tester, User Acceptance Tester, Test Automation Specialist, Performance Testing Specialist, Testing Team Lead, Test Manager, Business analyst
Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course. This course is suitable for anyone involved in software testing.
Duration: 3 days. ​
Training objectives:

Learn aspects of test planning, estimation, monitoring and control.
Understand and use international standards and terminology.
Understand and implement effective testing techniques.
Be well prepared for the exam.
Identify the missing testing skills for the career development purposes.

This course covers the following areas:

Fundamentals of software testing
Testing throughout the life cycle (software development models, test levels, test types)
Test design techniques (e.g. specification-based or black-box techniques, structure-based or white-box techniques)
Static testing (static testing techniques, review process, tool-assisted static analysis)
Test management (test organisation, test planning and estimation, test progress monitoring and control, risks)
Tools to support testing (types, benefits and risks)

Language: English

ISTQB® Foundation Exam and Training Course - Sofia

#ЖадниЗаЗнание: Успехът е пред теб!

#ЖадниЗаЗнание: Успехът е пред теб!

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